Project Profiles

Example of a Research AssistantshipThe Lieder Project.

Research Assistants:  David Lonowski, ’15, Music Education major, and Jordan Pyle, ’17, Music Performance major.

Faculty Sponsor:  Kris Shaffer, Music

Example of a Research Assistantship:  UV Water Treatment for Developing Communities.

Research Assistant: Chayla Rowley, ’11, Civil Engineering major and 2010 Udall Scholar.

Faculty Sponsor: Karl Linden, Environmental Engineering

“Dr. Karl Linden granted me the opportunity to work on one of his many research projects pertaining to the use of UV light for water treatment.  A post-graduate student and I researched aspects of water treatment using UV light in combination with hydrogen peroxide.  This process can be used to destroy chemical contaminants of concern in water such as industrial chemicals and trace levels of pharmaceuticals and personal care products.  One day I plan to improve water quality for developing communities overseas or in Native American reservations in the U.S., and this research is certainly starting me in the right direction.”

Example of an Individual Grant Project:  Tracing the Evolution of An American Identity Through the Study and Analysis of the Boston Massacre Orations (1771-1783) by Brendan Shea, ’11, History major.

Faculty Sponsor: Fred Anderson, History

“Many children grow up hearing the story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride, or how the American people wanted to found an independent nation free of British oppression; but what they are not told is that the very ideals at the root of the American Revolution are all English ideals rooted in English history.”

Example of a Team Grant Project:  “Over There” and Over Here: Creating an Electronic Resource of World War I Primary Sources for Teaching and Research at CU Boulder

Team Grant sponsors: Thea Lindquist and Holley Long, CU Libraries Faculty

“As a collection, the World War I “Pamphlets” present an unusual combination of items that as a digital collection offers a critical mass of primary-source material of enduring value and wide appeal.”

A team of students worked with Professors Lindquist and Long to bring this archive of WWI documents online:

Example of a Faculty Seminar Grant:  Introduction to Research in Remote Sensing, Signal Processing  and Spatial Data Analysis ECEN 4004

Faculty Instructor: Ute Herzfeld, Electrical Engineering (Remote Sensing)

“This course introduces undergraduate students to the fascinating and challenging world of research in the interdisciplinary area of remote sensing of the environment, Earth observation technology and spatial data analysis/signal processing methods useful for learning about the world around us.  Applications from topics of research as well as public interest — cryospheric and climatic change, ecosystems, global warming — as based on the faculty member’s research, will be discovered in class, used as examples, and discussed in a larger framework.”