Faculty Collaboration and Mentorship

UROP builds bridges between one of the University’s greatest resources — faculty research and intellectual activity — and the undergraduates.  Through UROP, faculty members have access to inventive, creative, enthusiastic students eager to participate in scholarly opportunities.  UROP students provide valuable research assistance particularly when other funding sources are scarce. Faculty can combine teaching, research and service in a single project by mentoring a UROP student or through a UROP research seminar.  UROP staff is available for consultation to help you advance your creative, investigative, or teaching goals in partnership with CU’s undergraduates.

Collaborations look different, based on the project.  Depending on the student’s level of experience and type of grant, time commitment from faculty will vary. Faculty collaborate with students on all stages of the application.  If you will be unavailable when the application is due, please be sure that you have completed your portion of the application ahead of time.

At project’s end, faculty must sign off on the Final Faculty Approval Form and Faculty Evaluation Form.

Faculty Profiles

To assist prospective student researchers find a faculty sponsor, we encourage faculty to update their faculty profiles on the VIVO CU-Boulder database:

Faculty profiles may be viewed and explored using VIVO CU-Boulder at http://vivo.colorado.edu.

For interesting results about faculty expertise, search by:  Name, Research Topic or Country.

Supporting UROP

UROP’s best ambassadors are faculty and students who benefit from our program.  You can help spread the word that students on this campus can get paid to be curious.  We appreciate faculty informing students and colleagues about us.  We encourage you to mention UROP as a resource in your syllabi, to link to our url from your own or your department’s websites, and to distribute UROP materials at undergraduate symposia, orientations and events.  Let us know if you would like to contribute to our PR efforts at urop@colorado.edu.  Thank you!