Who can sponsor me?

Faculty sponsors should be tenure-track faculty, research faculty or full-time instructors. They must be affiliated with academic departments or academic programs and have expertise related to the specific project.  Visiting and CU Denver Health Sciences faculty should attach their cv’s to the application.  Supervisors can be graduate students on a research team; the Principal Investigator should serve as the faculty sponsor.

Can I get funding for my honors thesis?

Yes.  If you are not simultaneously taking an independent study or honors thesis course for the same work, you can get both stipend and expense allowance funding.  Otherwise, you are eligible for expenses only.

May I get more than one UROP at the same time, for two different projects?

No, you can receive one UROP grant at a time.  If you submit two applications for different projects, you must select one project for funding if both proposals are accepted.

My faculty sponsor won’t be able to sign or turn in her/his part of the application until after the due date.  Will my application be reviewed if I turn in my part of the application by the deadline?

No.  Only completed applications will be reviewed.  Please make arrangements to get all of the sections of the application submitted on time.

Can I get UROP funding to attend a conference?

No.  You should consider PACE.

Will UROP fund travel to perform at a competition?

No.  UROP funds costs associated with creating a performance.  Supplies or time to compose or choreograph pieces may be eligible for funds.  Consider PACE.

Can I get funding to teach, perform, or implement a service project abroad or off-campus?

No.  UROP funds are for academic research or creative projects.  Consider research, scholarship or theoretical questions to frame a project.  Funds for travel are highly scrutinized.  Consult with the UROP Coordinator about your ideas.

Am I eligible for funding if I’m not a documented U.S. citizen?

Consult with the UROP Coordinator to discuss your particular situation.  “Nonresident Aliens” eligible for UROP funding may be subject to different tax rules.  We will give you instructions to process UROP payments.

Does UROP count as a financial aid award?

No. UROP funds are stipend fellowship awards.  Students will be paid directly through the university payroll system (not via Bursar’s).  Fellowships are funds for conducting academic enrichment activity.  Please consult with a financial aid counselor or advisor on how you would report UROP income for future FAFSA or financial aid application reporting.

Can our team get funding to produce a performance festival?

Not for event planning expenses.  Certain supplies or expenses may be covered for creative production of sub-projects for the festival.  Consider student government sponsored funding or other sources.

Can I get funds for a trip I already took, supplies I already bought, or hours I already worked before I hear about my grant?

No.  Funding begins on the date of the award notification letter.

Do you have to have a certain GPA or be in a certain major to participate in UROP?

You should be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.  UROP funds students from all majors, schools, and colleges of the university.  “Research” as we broadly define it, covers scholarly work in all academic departments on campus.

Can I get funding for a project that starts or extends beyond my graduation?


I won’t be able to finish my UROP project by the completion due date.  What should I do?

Request an extension.  However, graduating seniors cannot get paid for work they did after their graduation date.