Recent Awards

Congratulations to our recent award winners!

2014 Graduate Scholarship

Stephen Kissler, Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Stephen Kissler has received the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for doctoral studies in the United Kingdom, funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Kissler, a Boettcher scholar completing concurrent B.S. and M.S. degrees in applied mathematics at CU-Boulder, will complete a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University through the highly competitive award, which will provide three years of full funding.

At CU-Boulder, Kissler is working with Associate Professor Vanja Dukic on groundbreaking research to model the spread of meningitis in Nigeria. He also has worked with David Bortz, associate professor of mathematical biology, and has collaborated with a group at Johns Hopkins University.

At Cambridge, Kissler plans to study the spread of influenza. New research indicates that influenza spreads not quickly and sporadically, as previously believed, but in a slower, more unified manner. Kissler’s research will consist of mathematically describing this surprising pattern to identify key factors in the spread of the infection. The outcome of his work could give cities more notice before flu outbreaks hit, and change vaccination and prevention strategies.

2012/2013 Undergraduate Scholars and Honorable Mentions

Brittany Earle, Goldwater Scholar

Brittany Earle is a chemical engineering major and works in the Bowman group on polymers.  She’s involved in Engineers without Borders.  She is also a Boettcher Scholar, a PLC student, and an Engineering Honors student.

Mike Lotto, Goldwater Scholar

Mike Lotto majors in aerospace engineering. He’s been active in a NASA co-op, specifically with the NASA International space Station Program’s Extravehicular Activity group, supporting the real-time training and operations required to accomplish spacewalks.

Jeni Sorli, Goldwater Scholar

Jeni Sorli majors in chemical and biochemical engineering and  does research in the Wiemer group on biomass and biofuels. She’s also active in Engineers without borders and is a Norlin Scholar and a CU Presidential Scholar.

Ben Gerard, Goldwater Honorable Mention

Ben Gerard  majors in astronomy and physics. He is working on a project to help detect eclipsing RR Lyrae stars, which he equates to finding a needle in a haystack. He’s also a fourth generation CU-Boulder student.

Sri Radha, Astronaut Scholar

Sri Radha majors in chemical and biological engineering. She’s conducted research in Dr. Kristi Anseth’s lab on nanogels, and has worked with Dr. Richard Regueiro on generating a model of the lens structure using scanning microscopy.  She hopes to work on creating restorative biomaterials than can replenish scarred heart tissue.  This is Sri’s second year as CU’s Astronaut Scholar.

Matt Ribarich, Udall Honorable Mention

Matt Ribarich is a double major in environmental studies and ecology and environmental biology.  He works in the Bowman Alpine Plant Ecology Lab studying the changes in alpine plant communities in response to atmospheric nitrogen deposition from nearby cities and agriculture. Changes in plants can affect erosion, forage, fish and insect populations and water quality. The implications of this research could determine acceptable nitrogen deposition levels for protecting public lands, native species and water quality, and could influence regulation of atmospheric nitrogen pollution under federal policies

2012/13 Graduate Scholarships

Sascha Hughes-Caley, Jack Kent Cooke Arts Award Scholar

Sascha Hughes-Caley graduated from CU Boulder in 2007 with a double major in Studio Art and Art History.  She’s the first CU student to be named as a Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Scholar. The scholarship honors the contributions of the arts by awarding graduates up to $50,000 a year for three years to pursue a graduate or professional degree in the visual or performing arts, or creative writing. Since graduating, she’s been cultivating creative expression in an array of jobs, from film and television actor to field instructor in the Alaskan backcountry.