Preliminary Requirements for Applicants (Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Churchill)

Complete the following and return to the Top Scholarships office by the deadline.

If you’d like feedback on your application (strongly recommended), please make an appointment with the Top Scholarships office.

Personal Statement

  • 1000 words in which you describe your “academic and other interests and pursuits.”
  • The best personal statements tell the story of your intellectual development rather than your life story.
  • See Writing the Personal Statement for more tips.

Proposed Academic Programme

  • About 1 page.
  • Describe what you plan to study while you’re in the U.K. Go beyond summarizing the department’s website.
  • Give the reasons for your choice and your preferred university.
  • Your proposal should be specific and detailed. This is a key piece of all three applications.
  • The scholarship committees want to know why you *need* to study in the UK.  How will it help you achieve your academic and career goals?
  • It’s critical that you have strong, compelling reasons for your choice.
  • You’ll also want to stay abreast of the current research in your field in anticipation of an interview.
  • Your programme of study should include brief rationale for your second choice as well.

Two academic letters of recommendation

  • Ask early to give your recommenders plenty of time to get their letters to the Top Scholarships office by the deadline.
  • At this preliminary stage, it’s fine for letters to come as e-mail attachments to me.
  • Be sure to let each recommender know what you need from them.
  • Refer faculty to Tips for Letters of Recommendation.

Current resume

  • Be sure to include any volunteer activities or internships, your study abroad experience, any other experiences abroad, any languages in which you have proficiency and your level, plans to write an honors thesis, any awards or recognition you’ve received, any leadership roles you’ve assumed.
  • Please give a brief description of everything you’ve done–as much as a paragraph if needed. It may not look like a traditional resume, but will help the selection committee get a broader idea of your experiences.
  • This will also prepare you for filling out the online application when it’s available if you’re chosen as one of CU’s candidates for the scholarships.

Current transcript

  • Unofficial is fine for the preliminary application–you can send a PDF from your student portal.