Opportunities for Medical School

Scholarship and Fellowship Support for Pre-Med and Medical Students

Although some scholarships and fellowships explicitly exclude support for medicine and other professional graduate programs, pre-meds, just like other students, can find sources of support available to them based on a range of qualifications.

A scholarship need not have the term “pre-med” in it for a pre-med student to be eligible.

These ideas are borrowed from many sources, among them the Association of American Medical Colleges handout on Types of Medical School Financial Aid.


Scholarships during the undergraduate years:

  • Goldwater – only if the student is interested in the MD/PhD route.
  • Truman–if the student is intent on public health or research
  • NIH for those committed to biomedical research http://ngsp.hih.gov

In medical school:

Yale’s International Education and Fellowships web has a list of selected fellowships for medical studies  http://www.yale.edu/iefp/

Service obligation scholarships

  • National Health Service Corps  http://nhsc.bhpr.hrsa.gov/
  • United States Armed Forces Health Professional Scholarships
  • State-based awards in exchange for work in under-served areas

Students interested in pursuing related degrees before or during their medical studies should explore Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Mitchell, NSEP, DAAD and other awards that would enable them to go abroad.

Medical school students can find support for health-related research (not tuition for med school) from a number of sources including Howard Hughes Medical Institute http://www.hhmi.org/grants/individuals/medfellows.html Applied training opportunities are supported from quite a few sources including the CDC http://www.cdcfoundation.org/what/programs/list and  Schweitzer fellowships  http://www.schweitzerfellowship.org/features/lamb/ among others.

Notes for NAFA workshop Fayetteville July 21-22, 2008

Composed by Beth Powers and Paula Goldsmid