Why Apply?

Top Scholarships represent an investment in your future, not a reward for past accomplishments.

Scholarship selection committees will want to see that you have:

  • A focused vision for your future
  • A desire to make a difference in some way
  • Goals that will help you fulfill that vision
  • An excellent academic portfolio
  • Strong leadership skills

These opportunities are not a good fit for everyone.  Ask yourself whether:

  • You meet the basic eligibility requirements for the scholarship
  • You’re interested in the aims and goals of the scholarship
  • You have a good reason (other than needing the money or wanting the prestige) for pursuing the scholarship
  • You have time to devote to the application process
  • You have good relationships with several faculty members who can write letters of recommendation
  • You recognize that competition for these awards is intense

Don’t let self-doubt stop you. Make an appointment with the Top Scholarships Office to discuss your potential!

What will the process do for you?

Whether you are ultimately awarded a scholarship or not you’ll:

  • Engage in self-discovery
  • Assess what really matters to you
  • Focus closely on your academic and career goals
  • Develop or refine a plan for your future
  • Articulate how your experience as a student supports your future plans
  • Learn to write a personal statement, which will help you with other kinds of applications
  • Learn to ask for letters of recommendation
  • Gain interviewing skills and strategies