Fifth Year Funding

Norlin Scholars may apply for an additional semester or full year of funding based on two assumptions: the student needs additional time to finish the undergraduate degree; or the student may be working on a concurrent degree (bachelor’s / master’s) but they are maintaining undergraduate status and enrolled in primarily undergraduate-level coursework. Students working on concurrent degrees who move into graduate status within their scholarship term (four year or two year) may still be eligible for the Norlin Scholarship. This will be decided on an individual basis, influenced by community participation. See 2014 NEF and FYF Guidelines and Tracking Sheet.

For information on deadlines, click here.

In order to apply, students write a letter of inquiry to be reviewed by the Norlin Director. The letter must address two areas:

1. Rationale for additional funding: The student should explain why additional time for graduation is needed (two or more majors or certificates, time off, study abroad, personal or extenuating circumstances, etc.)

2. Eligibility criteria: The student should show how they have been involved with and contributed to the Norlin community over the course of her or his time here. Provide detailed examples.