Norlin Enrichment Funds

When available, the Norlin Scholars program will offer additional funds to eligible Norlin Scholars for enrichment activities that will enhance their educational and/or professional training. Although they occur outside the classroom, enrichment activities are an application of classroom learning to a student’s specific project or interest. Projects or programs in the following grant categories qualify:

  • Research or creative work
  • Travel to conferences to present academic work
  • Academic or professional development activities
  • Unpaid internships
  • Off-site educational experiences (domestic or international)

Students may apply for funds more than once but will receive, in total, no more than $3,000. Funding is contingent upon approval by the Norlin Enrichment Funds application committee.


  • Norlin Scholars pursuing undergraduate degrees who are still receiving the Norlin Scholarship
  • 3.25 or higher GPA
  • High visibility through demonstrated commitment to and continuous involvement in the Norlin community
  • Deep, long-term involvement and engagement that goes beyond participating in social events and using the SUEP lounge for studying
  • Involvement in the Norlin scholar community is visible for multiple semesters
  • See 2014  NEF and FYF Guidelines and Tracking Sheet

For information on the application process and due dates, click here.