SUEP Events Policy

Please observe the following event protocol:

• RSVP prior to the deadline
• Confirm any dietary issues or allergies that might impact the food order when you RSVP
• Immediately put any event you RSVP for in your calendar.

SUEP Student Event Cancellation and No Show Policy

Our activities are fully financed with University of Colorado state and donor funds and we have a responsibility to use those funds ethically and responsibly. Thus, if you RSVP for an event, we consider that a firm commitment and we want you to consider it a firm commitment as well. Please put it in your calendar and schedule around it. If you cannot attend, you should do the following as early as possible: 1) Email to see if there is a waitlist. 2) If not, attempt to find a replacement from the Norlin Scholar community. 3) Inform us of your replacement. Students who repeatedly no-show or cancel may be given low priority for subsequent event participation.