The 2015 Norlin Scholarship application opens November 1, 2014 and closes February 15, 2015.

The Norlin Scholars program seeks curious individuals who see college as an opportunity for both personal and academic growth. We want to build a cohort of students who encourage and support one another on this journey. Students who thrive in our program are interested in growing their knowledge, awareness and efficacy for improving their own and others’ lives.  The scholarship is directed toward a wide variety of students who:

  • have a holistic view of education
  • are intellectually curious, active learners
  • apply their learning toward the betterment of society
  • embrace creativity and are open to discovery
  • exhibit commitment to personal and professional growth
  • appreciate interdisciplinarity and collaboration

Please thoroughly review the Norlin Scholar Requirements and FAQs to get a good sense of the Norlin program.