The interdisciplinary Norlin Scholars Program is geared toward students interested in a liberal education. Norlin Scholars develop expertise in their chosen field through research, deep engagement and self-reflection. Students gain self-awareness, balance and confidence; they flex their learning boundaries and get more comfortable with ambiguity and complexity. Our scholars enjoy intellectual camaraderie, establishing close and lasting friendships with other students and teachers in a non-competitive, supportive environment. In addition to the structured components of the program—courses, mentoring, and activities—students informally share music, art and other talents, with myriad opportunities to share their knowledge, experiences, emerging expertise and stories with the group. These skills and activities put students in a strong position for whatever comes next: the job market, graduate and professional schools or fellowships.

In short, Norlin Scholars Program offers to students who actively participate in our programming an undergraduate education that in whole or in part:

  • cultivates a deeper sense of interconnectedness and interdependence
  • inspires intentional inquiry
  • engages questions in academic, professional, public and global contexts
  • nurtures students’ personal and professional growth
  • invites multiple ways of knowing and making meaning
  • deepens personal, cultural and social awareness
  • honors joy, play, empathy, humor, compassion, spirit, curiosity, and creativity as essential elements of knowing, learning, relating and being

Benefits of being a Norlin Scholar include:

  • $5,000 scholarship per academic year
  • additional funding for enrichment activities such as research or study abroad
  • small, invigorating core and elective courses
  • research or creative projects with faculty
  • access to top scholarship advising and guidance
  • opportunities for professional training and development
  • a stimulating, interdisciplinary peer group

Students from all majors, including undecided, can apply as high school seniors for a 4-year scholarship or as second year college students for a 2-year scholarship. Norlin applicants must apply to CU first, though you needn’t be an admitted student.