Why Choose CU

The University of Colorado has the oldest and one of the largest Boettcher Scholar communities in the State. Here’s why you should consider CU:

CU is one of only two comprehensive research institutions in the state.

  • Comprises several different colleges and schools with multiple disciplinary choices, many with internationally-recognized programs
  • Confers all levels of degrees, from bachelors to doctorates
  • Is granted millions of dollars in funding from organizations like NASA, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, National Endowment for the Arts and more
  • Includes numerous collaborative interdisciplinary research institutes and centers
  • Employs all levels of researchers and teachers from undergraduates to tenured faculty
  • Involves undergraduates in its research mission and scholarly production, including funding

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Boettcher Advisory Council

The Boettcher Advisory Council exists to:

  • Enhance communication between the Boettcher Foundation and CU-Boulder
  • Act as a forum for CU Boettcher Scholars to take a proactive role in programming
  • Facilitate recruitment, admission, advising, and intellectual and social growth of Boettcher Scholars

CU is the only university in Colorado with the Boettcher Education Project.

This project, unique to CU, is an integration of the Boettcher Foundation’s requirement to offer one cultural/social, one academic, and one service activity per semester. Scholars volunteer at Boulder’s bilingual Casey Middle School in several capacities and are invited to dinners and discussion with education experts.

CU is the only institution in the state with a collaboration with the CU Law School.

The University of Colorado Law School has an agreement with SUEP and the Presidents Leadership Class to provide law school networking events and expedited review of law school applications. See http://www.colorado.edu/law/ for more information on CU Law. To encourage and aid in the application process for Boettcher Scholars, the Law School will do the following:

  • Provide an application fee waiver to each interested applicant, for a $65 savings. Applicants should contact the admissions office at lawadmin@colorado.edu to request a fee waiver prior to submitting their application.
  • Provide an expedited review of applications from these scholars. Applicants should clearly indicate somewhere on their application that they are a Boettcher Norlin Scholar. Applicants will receive a decision within three weeks of applying to the Law School.
  • Guarantee automatic admission for any scholar applicant with at least a score of 164 on the LSAT and a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.2. The Law School will also give an automatic two-year deferral for anyone who is admitted to the Law School and then participates in either the Peace Corps or Teach for America.
  • Offer a special information session for scholars at the Law School to introduce these students to our community and give them the opportunity to talk with Law School faculty, students, and administrators.
  • Invite interested scholars to attend special events at the Law School throughout the school year, including special speakers and conferences.

The JD application is available at www.lsac.org beginning October 1 of each year. If there are any questions or you need assistance, please contact kristine.jackson@colorado.edu or 303-492-7085.

CU will pay a fifth year of tuition for Boettcher Scholar graduate work, whether as a “new” grad student or a student enrolled in a concurrent degree.

The Boettcher Scholar mentor and the Office of Financial Aid can answer questions about the fifth year tuition benefit for Boettcher Scholars enrolled in any of the concurrent degree programs CU currently offers.

CU and Boulder have multiple options for intellectually and creatively engaged students like you.

CU Programs and Opportunities

  • Arts and Sciences Honors Program and A&S Honors Residential Academic Program (HRAP)–Honors Program provides small, challenging core courses, some of them within the HRAP at Arnett Hall.
  • College of Music–The College has numerous music ensembles open to students, by audition, regardless of major.
  • Concurrent Degrees—CU has over thirty concurrent degree programs (five year BA/MA or BS/MS) and dozens of certificate programs. The University will pay for a fifth year of tuition for Boettcher Scholars enrolled in graduate degree programs.
  • Engineering Honors Program—Engineering students who want more than a traditional engineering degree will benefit from the academic and social support, mentoring, and challenges of this residential academic program.
  • Professional and Academic Conference Endowment (PACE)–PACE provides mentoring, support and funding for undergraduates to present research, scholarship or creative work at professional and academic conferences.
  • President’s Leadership Class (PLC)–The Presidents Leadership Class is a rigorous academic and experiential four-year program focused on leadership development at personal, organizational, community and global levels and makes students eligible for the University’s Leadership Certificate. Numerous Boettcher Scholars have joined PLC.
  • Top Scholarship Office (TS)—The Top Scholarship Office assists students interested in applying for nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships, fellowships and awards. TS publicizes the major awards, selects nominees for the university, and provides assistance to candidates through every step of the application process.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) – UROP encourages undergraduate students at CU to participate in groundbreaking research, scholarly, or creative work in whatever field they choose by funding their research.
  • Study Abroad—20,000 CU students have studied in more than 70 countries in our 200 CU-Boulder-sponsored programs. Boettcher Scholars can finance Study Abroad with International Education and Educational Enrichment Grants, as well as need and merit-based financial aid.

CU and Boulder Community

  • CU Presents/Artist Series—Internationally renowned musicians, dancers and performers regularly provide affordable entertainment to CU and Boulder communities.
  • Chautauqua Park—You’ll find silent films, concerts, a restaurant and, best of all, hundreds of acres of hiking trails at this jewel of a town park walking distance from the CU campus.
  • Conference on World Affairs—For several decades CU has put artists, writers, musicians, politicians, journalists, intellectuals and policymakers in conversation with one another at the CWA. Students are essential contributors and planners to the events.
  • International Film Series—International, art, and cult films, plus visiting filmmaker series, right on campus.

All in all, a research institution like CU has something for everyone. If you want a small school feel with a liberal arts education you can get it here. If you want a broad, interdisciplinary or multiple major focused education, you can get that too!