SUEP Space Reservation & Protocol

Using Norlin Library Seminar Room and Lounge

S436 is the location where Special Undergraduate Enrichment Programs (SUEP), including the Boettcher Scholars and Norlin Scholars, are housed. The best way to access it is from the west entrance to the library. S436 is where many of our events are held and students can reserve space for their own uses, as well as drop by and hang out, study, eat lunch, or rest at their convenience. (We prefer it if you keep your feet off the furniture.) When the library is open the space is available, if not already in use.

o Access

Scholars can use the SUEP lounge and seminar room any time the library is open and they aren’t in use. For information on how to get in after normal business hours (Monday-Friday), write to There’s a lockbox on the door and the combination changes regularly (another good reason to read your email.)

o Reserving the space in whole or in part

To reserve either the seminar room or the lounge area, write to:

• put “room request” in the subject line
• say what the request is for, which space you want, the day, date, and start and finish times. Include set up and break down time if needed
• give appropriate contact information

o Respect for the space

The space is for you and your study mates or friends but when you leave they need to leave too. If you come in and someone you don’t know is here, introduce yourself! If the student is not a Boettcher Scholar or Norlin Scholar please tell them it’s a private space and ask them to leave.

Also be sure to:

• clean up after yourselves
• close all windows and doors and turn lights off
• leave it as you found it (especially if you move furniture)
• follow directions on the outside door regarding how to close and lock up

You may not:

• order food to be delivered to Norlin S436 unless it’s an official event, you have permission from our office, and you’ve informed the Norlin security office
• sleep over night in Norlin S436
• give the combination to the lock box to anyone else
• allow guests/friends to remain after you leave
• put your feet on the coffee table, throw your legs over the arms of the furniture or otherwise mistreat it