SUEP Listserv & Digest

Boettcher and Norlin Scholars have been subscribed to our listserv with your university email address so we can communicate to the whole group at once. Through the listserv you’ll get official messages about your scholarships, events and opportunities. Because of the high volume of email messages you receive from campus offices we also create a weekly digest of current events you might be interested in. There’s an index at the top of the digest so you can see if you want to read carefully, skim or delete the email. Occasionally we send out time-sensitive emails about a single event. If those are directed at specific audiences (e.g., English majors) we will indicate that in the subject line.

Please check your university email at least three times a week to manage the emails. Failure to do so may mean you’ll miss invitations to events or other time sensitive important stuff.

To have an announcement sent out in our weekly digest send it to with “for digest” in the subject line.

Use the digest for messages:

• informing peers of campus or community events that would be of interest to an interdisciplinary community of scholars
• organizing study groups or other academic events for peers

Do not use the digest for:

• seeking roommates or housing situations
• selling your stuff
• personal matters
• political or other campaigning

**If in doubt, please ask.**

Tell us a “title” or preferred subject line and in the first lines of the email explain what it’s about so people can choose not to read it if it doesn’t pertain to them.
Be as brief as possible in your email and use bullets or outline form whenever you can.

If you have notices or announcements you’d like to make that aren’t appropriate for the digest, please post it on the bulletin board in the hallway between the lounge and S421 (the seminar room) or use the SUEP FaceBook Group page. For professional events or announcements, use the LinkedIn group page.