Boettcher Advisory Council

CU-Boulder is unique in that it has created a council of individuals to support Boettcher Scholars attending the University of Colorado. The council consists of representatives from the Boettcher Foundation, CU staff, and Boettcher Scholars. The mission of the Boettcher Advisory Council is to:

  • Enhance communication between the Boettcher Foundation and CU-Boulder
  • Act as a forum for Boettcher students at CU-Boulder to take a proactive role in how the Boettcher program is administered here
  • Create avenues for communication and coordination among the various administrative units at CU-Boulder with regard to facilitating the recruitment, admission, advising, and intellectual and social growth of Boettcher Scholars.

The Boettcher Advisory Council students meet monthly as a group with small subcommittees working individually on the following activities:

  • Boettcher Education Project (see below)
  • Alumni Network
  • Liaison with Norlin Leadership Council

The input of the involved Boettcher Scholars is critical in designing successful activities embraced by new and continuing scholars. Students on the council are from all different years and disciplines and serve for a minimum of two years. They assist with recruitment, new student orientation, fundraising, and events. Expectations for Council members include the following: As student leaders, council members act as role models and mentors for other students in SUEP. They are also the public face of SUEP, including Norlin Scholars and Boettcher Scholars. They should be aware of and prepared to model behavior in accordance with the university’s codes of conduct, as well as SUEP policies and practices. They’ll provide leadership and modeling in the areas of academic and personal integrity, campus climate, and other highly visible campus issues. Training will be available for council members as needed. If you’re interested in doing a two-year stint on the Boettcher Advisory Council, please contact Joan.

Boettcher Advisory Council Members 2013-14

Carly Barnard, 2010 Scholar
Chip Bollendonk, 2012 Scholar
Amy Chen, 2013 Scholar
Aaron Estevez-Miller, 2012 Scholar
Noha Kikhia, 2013 Scholar
Allie Morgan, 2012 Scholar
Jacob Davis, Program Director, PLC
Barbara Marshall, Coordinator Scholarship Services, Financial Aid
Jill McGlinchey, Admission Counselor, Admissions
Amanda Parker, Director Access & Recruiting, Engineering