Boettcher Scholar Grants

There are two additional funding opportunities for Boettcher Scholars. One is the Educational Enrichment Grant and the other is the International Education Grant (IEG).

Educational Enrichment Grants

Current Scholars who are still pursuing undergraduate studies during the term of their scholarships may apply for up to $3,000 for projects or programs in the following grant categories: Academic/Professional Development, Internships, Research and Special Classes/Field Sessions.

International Education Grant

Scholars may also apply to trade one half of one year’s scholarship for a $5,500 grant towards an International Education experience OR apply to trade one full year’s scholarship for an $8,600 grant towards an International Education experience.

Scholar Grant Process

To apply for any of the Scholar Grants (the International Education Grant or one of the four Educational Enrichment Grants), a student MUST complete the Scholar Grant Process outlined below.

The Foundation will hold three grant cycles per year: one for winter/spring projects (the majority of which will take place during the student’s winter or spring term), one for summer projects (the majority of which will take place during the student’s summer break), and one for fall projects (the majority of which will take place during the student’s fall term).

NOTE: International Education Grants follow deadlines for the term the Scholar will NOT be enrolled in Colorado (so if a student will be abroad from July-December s/he should apply for a grant during the cycle for fall grants).

1) All Scholars who wish to apply for one of the Scholar Grants will be required to view a grant writing webinar (no exceptions).

a) For your convenience, the Scholar Grant Writing Webinar has been recorded and saved to the Scholars Only section of the Foundation’s website. Please go to the Boettcher Foundation and follow the links for Scholars.

b) Because viewing the grant writing webinar is mandatory, we have also included questions about the webinar in the letter of inquiry online form.

c) To ensure that we are meeting Scholars’ needs we have also provided an anonymous Webinar Evaluation through Survey Monkey. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation after viewing the webinar.

2) After viewing the grant writing webinar, the Scholar will write a letter of inquiry – due by the appropriate deadline in the Scholar Grant Timeline – to be submitted to the Scholarship Program Coordinator, through the Scholar Grant Dashboard, featured on the Foundation’s Scholars Only website.

a) The letter should propose a study abroad opportunity during the academic year (for an International Education Grant), or a project in one of the giving categories listed above (for an Educational Enrichment Grant).

b) Due to potential scheduling difficulties, we strongly encourage the Scholar to make an appointment with his/her Boettcher Mentor or campus representative at this stage to ensure ample time to discuss the first draft (discussed in stage 3).

3) If his/her letter of inquiry is approved, the Scholar will proceed to completing the Educational Enrichment Grant or International Education Grant Application Form and Proposal through the online Scholar Grant Dashboard.

a) The Scholar will then bring a print-out of this form along with any attachments to his/her Boettcher Mentor (or on campuses without Mentors, to the writing center staff or another campus representative) by the appropriate deadline for review and comments.

b) NOTE: You will be asked to provide contact information for the campus representative who reviewed the first draft and information about your review session before submitting your final proposal.

4) After incorporating the changes requested by the Boettcher Mentor or campus representative, the Scholar will log back into the online Scholar Grant Dashboard and submit the final draft of his/her grant proposal to the Director of the Scholarship Program by the appropriate deadline. Scholars will be notified of the Director’s decision by the date listed in the Scholar Grant Timeline.

5) If awarded funding, the Scholar will submit the following materials through the online Scholar Grant Dashboard within one month of completing the project:

a) an evaluation report, supporting documents (which may include research papers, conference programs and/or project photos) and

b) a thank you letter to the Board of Trustees of the Boettcher Foundation for making the Scholar Grants available.