Professional and Academic Conference Endowment (PACE)

About PACE

PACE was developed in 2009 with a generous endowment from the Boettcher Foundation (the Boettcher Foundation Endowment for Distinctive Educational Programming). The program was created to fill a demonstrated need for undergraduates to take the next step beyond research, scholarly and creative projects to presenting that work at professional conferences. PACE provides funding, support, and faculty and peer mentoring to those undergraduates who qualify for the program. Conference presentations may be oral presentations, poster sessions, roundtable discussions, or creative or performance pieces. The University was given the task of raising $25,000 from CU Boettcher Scholar Alumni toward fulfillment of the $200,000 endowment. We’re extremely grateful that we’ve reached that goal with the help of Boettcher Scholar Alumni and we’re looking forward to growing our endowment so that we can support as many students as possible as they take this important next step in their professional careers.

The benefits of PACE include:

  • Faculty and peer supported conference preparation
  • Funds toward conference expenses
  • Exposure to working professionals and cutting edge scholarship in the field

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How to donate to PACE

To donate to the Boettcher Foundation Endowment for Distinctive Educational Programming, click and follow instructions on the following link: