The University of Colorado Boulder has a large, vibrant Boettcher Scholar Community. Funded by the Boettcher Foundation and housed in Special Undergraduate Enrichment Programs, CU Boettcher Scholars benefit from:

  • a Boettcher Scholar mentor who works collaboratively with Honors Programs, President’s Leadership Class, the Top Scholarship Office and other vital communities
  • easy access to research funding, internships, service opportunities and more
  • a small, tight-knit community with the added breadth and depth a comprehensive research university offers
  • the friendship and stimulation provided by intellectually engaged peers
  • connection to the largest Boettcher Scholar Alumni community in the state

As one of four Undergraduate Enrichment Programs, CU Boettcher Scholars Program offers an undergraduate education that in whole or in part:

  • cultivates a deeper sense of interconnectedness and interdependence
  • inspires intentional inquiry
  • engages questions in academic, professional, public and global contexts
  • nurtures students’ personal and professional growth
  • invites multiple ways of knowing and making meaning
  • deepens personal, cultural and social awareness
  • honors joy, play, empathy, humor, compassion, spirit, curiosity, and creativity as essential elements of knowing, learning, relating and being